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Membership Process

The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) advances the profession of club management by fulfilling the educational and related needs of its members. CMAA is the professional association for managers of membership clubs. With close to 7,000 members across all classifications, our manager members run more than 3,000 country, golf, city, athletic, faculty, yacht, town and military clubs. The objectives of the Association are to promote and advance friendly relations among persons connected with the management of clubs and other associations of similar character; to encourage the education and advancement of its members; and to assist club officers and members, through their managers, to secure the utmost in efficient and successful operations. The requirements for membership, as stated in the bylaws, are that all applicants be traditionally associated with membership clubs in a compensated management role.

CMAA's membership is dual and simultaneous with National and the Alabama Chapter (the chapter in whose boundaries your club falls); the application process begins with the local Chapter.

To apply for membership:

  1. Complete the Membership Application in its entirety
  2. Determine the correct National and Chapter dues amounts to be paid
    • The dues structure for the 2023 membership year is listed below (effective September 1, 2022):
      • Active and Provisional Members
        • 1st Year $500
        • 2nd Year $650
        • 3rd Year Prevailing Dues Rate
    • Individuals who join under this new provision receive a 47 percent savings over the former new member dues rate fees. (33 percent for those who are eligible for third member from same club dues rate.)
    • This dues benefit is for new and rejoining members only; reinstating members are NOT afforded these rates. Membership reinstatement occurs when a dropped member pays his/her outstanding dues within the same dues year. Once a full membership year has passed, former members must rejoin CMAA.
    • Active classification members who are rejoining under the step membership will have voting rights in Association affairs.
    • NOTE: 96 percent of all clubs pay their managers’ annual dues for CMAA membership.
  3. Send the completed application and both dues checks
    • One made out to CMAA and the other made out to Alabama Chapter CMAA to the Alabama Chapter for processing:
      • Mrs. Nettie Bresee, CPA, CHAE
        • Montgomery Country Club, CFO
        • 3001 Narrow Lane Road
        • Montgomery, AL 36106
        • Phone: 334-263-9308
        • [email protected]
  4. The Chapter Board will approve and sign the application as needed and then forward it and your National dues check along to the National office for processing, thereby making the membership application process complete.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member to the Alabama Chapter!

Alabama CMAA Chapter

Birmingham, AL