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Student Development

As an Alabama Chapter student member, we invite you to partake in student events and programs that will embrace your career path and help you rise to hospitality leader.

Student Chapter News

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Student Membership

Both graduate and undergraduate hospitality management students enrolled in four-year accredited colleges and universities are eligible to apply for a CMAA student membership. CMAA grants charters to student chapters at colleges and universities with four-year, hospitality management programs. On college and university campuses where no student chapter has been established, a prospective student may join CMAA directly through National Headquarters.

Further information may be found at Students are to apply for membership on appropriately completed membership forms obtained from the National Headquarters. Dues are $50 annually. There is no administrative fee for students. Student chapter officers, Faculty Advisors and Liaison Managers, approve student membership applicants. CMAA student members can maintain their Student status for two years after graduation.

If a full time management position is attained within that two-year period, Student membership is no longer applicable. The student must then apply for Alumnus or Provisional membership. Students do not obtain credits for attaining student chapter meetings. However, they do receive credits for attending senior CMAA chapter meetings, the World Conference on Club Management and CMI-sponsored workshops or seminars. Students must be registered in order to receive credit and should keep track of the meetings and sessions they attend.

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Questions regarding student membership? Contact National Headquarters at (703) 739-9500, via e-mail at [email protected]

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